Define Your Dream & Go Make It Happen

I like to believe it’s better to be prepared and to never have the opportunity than to have the opportunity and not be prepared.

As Life goes on we are faced with choices everyday of our lives. It’s the way we handle these choices and the struggles we are willing to go through for our dreams to become reality that make us who we are. Success is never given to anyone over night.

Success is earned, but only earned when you have put enough dedication to turn your dreams into reality.

“Take Your Business By The Throat”

You have to make things happen in your life. Things come to those who wait, but only what is left by those who hussle. You must have the “Take your business by the throat” attitude, a deep desire, and a strong enough WHY to maintain focus and persistence in your business.

What can you do with the money you make? You choose!

Some people say, “I don’t want the big boat on the lake or the lake house. I just want to do good for others.”

Do you want to know what’s exciting? It’s not either-or; you can do both. You aren’t limited by a single choice. You don’t have to choose shoes for your children or the Ferrari. I wouldn’t be too happy with myself if I had a Ferrari and I couldn’t afford school clothes for my children. The fun thing is you can drive a Ferrari and have shoes and clothes for your children.

You get to do both! It’s not an either-or! God is a god of abundance; you get to choose and you get to choose whatever you choose. You choose where you give and what you do. So, choose! Choose! Choose! But mostly, choose to live your dream. Define your dream and then go make it happen.


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