About Me

“Dream Chaser”

Two words that describe me better than any others. I started networking straight out of high school. In fact, I graduated 6 months early just so I could treat this as a real business. At the time, my brother had inspired me to chase my dreams. The first step was to getting on that first conference call, and I did it. I did it for me. No matter who I was, or from where I came from, I could succeed if I believed enough in myself and was willing to work. Consistency and Perseverance became the backbone, my burning desire, the fire in my gut. I’ve always been a competitive individual and that trait has helped me to succeed in anything I put my mind to. No matter how hard the going gets, have a strong enough WHY to keep pushing through. That determination is still with me today. Each and everyday I simply be the best me. I look forward to passing what I know on to you and coaching you to be the best you.

“You Have To Make Things Happen In Your Life”

This statement has stuck with me throughout my whole high school career. From sports to business, my success has been determined by MAKING things happen. Others wait around for things to happen, I don’t. When I started in networking I had the dedication and perseverance to be a winner. To truly become an expert in the industry and a leader in XanGo. I have chosen to surround myself only with people who help me grow. The Team And The Dream!

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