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How To Create Profitable Capture Pages To Build Your List

Welcome back! I appreciate you for coming back. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur who won’t settle for less than what you truly DESERVE, then I want to connect with YOU!

I want to dedicate this post as a “back to the basics” tutorial for all my readers who are in the “getting your feet wet” phase of online marketing. I pulled the following video from the Confessions of an Online Mastermind:the fast track video vault to help you uncover the secrets of creating effective capture pages to help you build your list of highly targeted leads.

You are about to learn some key building blocks for turning the Internet into a massive “highly-qualified leads” generator for you business.

What I mean is that this piece of Internet real-estate is what will help you build your list. Let’s just say that in order to own and run a successful business online, you MUST be building a list of highly targeted people that you can market to till the end of time.

Just think for a second how successful you will be when you constantly have interested people contacting you everyday, instead of you chasing your warm market (people you know directly) around all day looking for business partners?

To begin with, what you need is a squeeze page. It’s a specific type of web page and requires a specific design to maximize your conversion rate. A squeeze pages’ only purpose is to CAPTURE LEADS…that’s it.

It’s a well calculated funnel process that takes people from the top of the site and leads them to the only option they have available…requesting information from you.

If you want to start generating your own highly targeted leads, you will need to have your own capture page.

This is VERY important because if your squeeze page does its job correctly, you’ll have a constant, growing list of prospects that you can market to. How much easier will your job be when you have a list of 8,000 people to market to?

There’s definitely a right way, and an absolute wrong way to build a squeeze page. Unfortunately, I see a lot more “wrongs” out there than highly- effective rights.

Most people who attempt to build their own lead capture pages jump right in without having the proper training or following a few SIMPLE guidelines.

Let me give you one solid piece of advice when it comes to squeeze pages, and marketing in general. Are you ready?

It’s ALL about psychology! Learn who your customer is and tailor EVERYTHING around THEIR wants, needs, and desires. It is your job to provide answers.

You must give them what THEY are looking for. NOT what YOU want them to be looking for or THINK they’re looking for.

Most marketers out there are struggling because they forget about the fundamentals of the game. I call it a game because it IS. It’s a psychological game of cat and mouse.

Don’t get me wrong and think I mean any of this in a calculating way or promoting the use of trickery. When I say, “know your customers”, I mean it, because you have to be prepared to provide true value and REALLY be able to give them what they are looking for.

There’s an absolute art to creating a wildly successful lead capture page. If you learn to master capturing leads, you will have an endless list of potential business partners and customers.

Your squeeze page is the neon light on the highway. Make it stand out and let the passerby have a good look at you. Once they are in, give them a welcome drink and be able to let them know RIGHT AWAY that they’re in the right place. Be sincere. Follow these simple steps and you will see the number of visitors jump and the conversion ratio leap ahead.

If you don’t have much time, a good friend of mine, Jonathan Budd, created a unique and easy to use system where you can literally have your capture page up and running from day 1. You can take advantage of “ready to go”, high converting pages, or personalize them to suit your needs. The best part is you can check it out and put it to action for an entire month for $1. You can check it out here.


Aweber Vs. GetResponse: Which Is Really The King Of Auto Responders?

Welcome back! I appreciate you for coming back. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur who won’t settle for less than what you truly DESERVE, then I want to connect with YOU!

Who Is This Post For? Beginner- Intermediate marketer looking for the right autoresponder
Read Time: 2 Minutes

To start, I’m sure I don’t have to convince you that technology and the Internet have certainly made life both on a personal and professional level much easier for everyone. Anything from sending messages to selling products and services can simply be done with just one click.

One very useful tool that every marketer (or business owner aspiring to sell products or services online) should have in their bag o’ tricks is an autoresponder. Simply put, your autoresponder is your key to back- end email marketing. Instead of manually sending and receiving emails to and from your prospects, autoresponders automate the process for you by allowing you to set timed delivery in the specified sequence that you want them delivered.

Free up your time! Let the robot do the work for you. All you do is write the emails, plug them into your autoresponder, set the sequence, and head for the beach. Your autoresponder is now your 24/7 worker.

Two major companies on the market right now (and I’ve worked with) are AWeber and GetResponse.

Which to choose?

In my opinion, both are equally outstanding. They both have excellent features, outstanding customer service, and affiliate programs worth pushing. But if you’re currently on the fence, here’s my ‘Best Of‘ list for both systems:

Best Features: GetResponse. The new website now offers a new list of features including video messages, new survey forms, and Twitter and RSS integration. (twitter also capable on AWeber)

Best Tracking: Both equally competitive.

Best Customer Service: GetResponse. I have personally never had an issue with customer service. Their online chat allows you to get instant help with a live agent via chat.

Best User Interface: GetResponse. Easy navigation is the plus to their new look. The new website is very user friendly.

Best Price: Both are competitive

Best Code Modification:AWeber. Only because they have better freedom with modifying certain codes. (If you’re a beginner, don’t worry about this)

Best Integration: GetResponse. Many of the systems I personally use only integrate withGetResponse… so for me, it’s a no brainer.

Free Trial: GetResponse let’s you try before you buy. This is something AWeber currently lacks (It’s a $1 trail offer that leads to a membership)..

But like I said before, if you’re just starting out, then both really are great at what they do. But if you’re really anal with decision making, then I hope this post helps.

Outsourcing…. The Little Secret I’d Like To Share With You

Welcome back! I appreciate you for coming back. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur who won’t settle for less than what you truly DESERVE, then I want to connect with YOU!

So I guess it’s time to reveal a little secret to you. And judging from my title, you know what topic I’m about to discuss. The minute I started outsourcing my work, my entire business…and LIFE changed!

How It All Started…

This whole outsourcing IDEA came to me after I read a book called, “4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris. Ever since I picked up this book, it has become my bible for designing my lifestyle. The ideas and methodologies covered in this book led me to take action to create my own army of outsourced staff that would free up my time, allow me to focus on the things that REALLY put money in my pockets, and relieve myself of work that took up the majority of my schedule.

Thanks to outsourcing, I’ve had the freedom to disappear for weeks to travel without EVER looking at my emails or marketing stats. I’ve been able to do the things I love like taking martial arts classes 2-4 hours a day ( I moved up 4 levels in way less time an average student takes because I had more time to spend on it…now I’m a trained instructor!).

As my business grows, so does my personal workforce! As my workforce grows…the closer I get to outsourcing my entire business!

What Does This Information Have Anything To Do With You?…

That’s up to you!

At this moment, think of the things you do everyday that take up most of your time. Now think of how many of those things can be done by someone else.

Now imagine all the things you COULD be doing if you could relieve yourself of all the tedious and meticulous marketing tasks, organizing, planning, followups, etc. and hand it over to someone else to do FOR you.

“Does Outsourcing Cost An Arm And A Leg?…”

This is really what holds a lot of business owners back from taking the initial steps to outsourcing. I think the real question you need to ask yourself is, “how much do you value your time?”

For as little as $200 per month, you can have a full time employee working 20-40 hours per week ! No joke!

Most of the people I’ve found so far are more educated than ME! I dropped out of college while these people have degrees, sometimes 2! So if you’re worried that they won’t be able to complete the tasks you assign, you’re sorely mistaken.

“Where Can I Find Great Outsourced Employees?…”

In my opinion, this is probably the toughest part of outsourcing. Most people just don’t know where to look, or HOW to secure someone who’s trustworthy, dependable, and won’t just run off with your money. Finding reliable people is really not that difficult if you know where to look.

The Answer?…

Here’s a Great Resource I found (complete with video tutorials) that you can use to start learning about how YOU can start outsourcing your business.

My Advice To You…

If you’re at the point in your business where it’s starting to get overwhelming, or you’re suddenly finding yourself in a position that prevents you from doing the things you want to do and living the life you WANT to live… then it might be time to LET GO of those things, hand them over to someone qualified (if not MORE qualified than you), spend a few extra hundred bucks, and DO the things you WANT to DO.

The money you spend on outsourcing won’t come close to the TIME you could save or the increase in profits you could experience!

Your Home Business On The Internet

Welcome back! I appreciate you for coming back. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur who won’t settle for less than what you truly DESERVE, then I want to connect with YOU!

The timing is right for home business entrepreneurs. In recent years, we’ve seen a figurative explosion of home- based businesses. In the past, we only dreamed about working for ourselves, let alone working for ourselves…WHILE working from home…but in recent times, that dream is becoming more and more of a reality.

Why, you ask?

While an economic recession seems unavoidable at this point, all is not doom and gloom and certainly the sky is not falling. As the economy dwindles, and job loss continues to rise, more and more people are turning to home businesses. There is distrust in the economy and corporate jobs, and quite frankly, people are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Actually, if you are a home business owner, you have a great opportunity in front of you not only to help your home business survive, but to expand at an even faster rate.


For many, the Internet is still a place to tune into for games and chat, but for an increasing number of others the Internet is used to operate their “work from home” business. These people don’t just use online communities and resources to stifle boredom but to earn an income.

And several of them earn a lot!

In my own case I literally stumbled across the methods that I now use to grow my home business online. I was stuck in a traditional network marketing company, and resorting to making my lists of friends and family, buying leads, and making cold-calls in an attempt to build a successful business.

My determination to beat the odds led me to discover a unique strategy whereby I can generate my own leads while being free from having to use out-dated marketing techniques. And the great thing with this method is that I don’t have to worry about where my next prospect will come from.

I don’t even have to worry buying leads – because I am able to generate leads even while I sleep. This is the reality I live today. I no longer rely on my friends and family to build a serious business.

But…owning a home-based business is not for everyone and so I would heartily encourage you to go through the information found all throughout this blog and sign up for my free 10-day online marketing boot-camp that will show you exactly what is involved with building your home business online. That way you can first look to see if this path is for you – BEFORE you make a decision.

Regardless of whether you want to earn an extra income or you want to recession proof your life, ‘owning a home-based business‘ is definitely worth considering. Sure there are high returns to be made – but only YOU can decide on the level of profits you are looking to achieve. I’d rather you go through the free boot-camp that I’ve put together, then make up your own mind…

As you will learn, building your business using the Internet offers unbounded opportunities for profit and right now is the perfect time to make your move.

It is most important you understand that the risk of doing nothing is far greater than the risks that lie with pursuing your dreams of freedom.

Is It Time For A Mentor? What You Need To Know About Seeking Mentors

Welcome back! I appreciate you for coming back. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur who won’t settle for less than what you truly DESERVE, then I want to connect with YOU!

Would you agree that an overwhelming majority of super successful people out there has had personal guidance from a mentor or coach of some kind early on in their careers?

Would you agree that having someone who has gone through the motions, traveled the path, and is willing to steer you the right way can dramatically lessen your learning curve, helping you achieving your goals much faster than if you were to do it blindly yourself?

Imagine having to complete a humongous jigsaw puzzle without any pictures or guides to help you along the way. And you were given 2 choices to complete it:

A: Put it together yourself

B: Collaborate with a puzzle expert, who has done this same puzzle many times before and can probably do it blindfolded, guide you and show you where to place the pieces?

Which would YOU choose?

If you don’t ‘get’ this analogy, then how about this one?

Have you ever bought a piece of IKEA furniture and tried to assemble it yourself?

…Enough said.

Here’s what it all boils down to. Having a personal mentor expedites the process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. You skip the time and frustration of trying to connect the pieces of a puzzle with no instructions. Your mentor acts as a map, a guide. He or she is an integral part of your team that you can access for:





Outside Perspective

And most importantly, Support.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and are truly ready for the services that a great mentor can provide, I suggest you click here to read on…

Define Your Dream & Go Make It Happen

I like to believe it’s better to be prepared and to never have the opportunity than to have the opportunity and not be prepared.

As Life goes on we are faced with choices everyday of our lives. It’s the way we handle these choices and the struggles we are willing to go through for our dreams to become reality that make us who we are. Success is never given to anyone over night.

Success is earned, but only earned when you have put enough dedication to turn your dreams into reality.

“Take Your Business By The Throat”

You have to make things happen in your life. Things come to those who wait, but only what is left by those who hussle. You must have the “Take your business by the throat” attitude, a deep desire, and a strong enough WHY to maintain focus and persistence in your business.

What can you do with the money you make? You choose!

Some people say, “I don’t want the big boat on the lake or the lake house. I just want to do good for others.”

Do you want to know what’s exciting? It’s not either-or; you can do both. You aren’t limited by a single choice. You don’t have to choose shoes for your children or the Ferrari. I wouldn’t be too happy with myself if I had a Ferrari and I couldn’t afford school clothes for my children. The fun thing is you can drive a Ferrari and have shoes and clothes for your children.

You get to do both! It’s not an either-or! God is a god of abundance; you get to choose and you get to choose whatever you choose. You choose where you give and what you do. So, choose! Choose! Choose! But mostly, choose to live your dream. Define your dream and then go make it happen.

Why Most Fail With Goal Setting… Is This You?

Welcome back! I appreciate you for coming back. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur who won’t settle for less than what you truly DESERVE, then I want to connect with YOU!

May I ask you a question?

If you knew that you could have, create, build, achieve, be, and do whatever it is that you want for the rest of your life…if you TRULY believed this, how hard would you work on your goals?

  • How much longer in the day would you work?
  • How much earlier would you wake up?
  • Would you make different, more beneficial decisions throughout your day?
  • How many things outside of your comfort zone would you dominate because you realize just how small a challenge they are compared to the bigger picture of reaching your dreams?
  • How would it make you feel to achieve your dreams?
  • What would the quality of your life look like if you accomplish the major goals you’ve set for yourself?

I know that was more than one question, but go back and really internalize them and let them sink in. And ask yourself these questions the next time you set goals for yourself.

You see, it’s not enough that you set goals for yourself. You have to BELIEVE that they are actually possible.

Having an unbreakable belief that whatever happens, you WILL and CAN conquer your goals, even if it means facing your deepest and darkest fears. If you want it bad enough, you will get it.

For me, everything changed when I learned to identify (and continue to identify) the “thought culprits” that have allowed me to let some dreams and major goals go unconquered. Once I learned to change my thought process, the way I made decisions, the way I reacted to events in my life, the way I talked to myself, my belief system changed as well.

Amazing things started to happen for me. Inspiring and beautiful people started to enter my life. Goals that were mountains quickly became molehills. And I began the process of dominating my checklist of goals!

Why do most people fail at accomplishing large goals?

…Because they fail to develop a meaningful enough and emotionally binding set of REASONS WHY they need to achieve them, therefore the belief that they would accomplish a particular goal was not strong enough for them to continue as soon as a challenge came their way, resulting in failure, or going after a “less challenging”, or a more easily attainable goal to fill an immediate satisfaction.

Not having strong enough reasons is why some of us choose to watch T.V. over doing activities that move us closer to our goals. It’s why some of us decide to exchange regular exercise for the couch. People who haven’t developed strong enough reasons will choose mediocrity over greatness any day of the week.

Do you have good enough reasons why you must accomplish your goals?

Take the time to ask yourself all the reasons WHY you want something in the first place, then ask yourself, “What will the price be if I don’t change today?

If you have strong goals, if you have big dreams, if you want a better life for yourself and those you love and you’re not currently there yet…

You will have to demand more from yourself, develop a higher sense of urgency, and more importantly you need to make your reasons “why” much stronger and turn them into “musts” and burning desires.

When your reasons are strong enough, no goals are big enough and the odds-even if they’re stacked against you… don’t matter.

You will win.