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Aweber Vs. GetResponse: Which Is Really The King Of Auto Responders?

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Who Is This Post For? Beginner- Intermediate marketer looking for the right autoresponder
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To start, I’m sure I don’t have to convince you that technology and the Internet have certainly made life both on a personal and professional level much easier for everyone. Anything from sending messages to selling products and services can simply be done with just one click.

One very useful tool that every marketer (or business owner aspiring to sell products or services online) should have in their bag o’ tricks is an autoresponder. Simply put, your autoresponder is your key to back- end email marketing. Instead of manually sending and receiving emails to and from your prospects, autoresponders automate the process for you by allowing you to set timed delivery in the specified sequence that you want them delivered.

Free up your time! Let the robot do the work for you. All you do is write the emails, plug them into your autoresponder, set the sequence, and head for the beach. Your autoresponder is now your 24/7 worker.

Two major companies on the market right now (and I’ve worked with) are AWeber and GetResponse.

Which to choose?

In my opinion, both are equally outstanding. They both have excellent features, outstanding customer service, and affiliate programs worth pushing. But if you’re currently on the fence, here’s my ‘Best Of‘ list for both systems:

Best Features: GetResponse. The new website now offers a new list of features including video messages, new survey forms, and Twitter and RSS integration. (twitter also capable on AWeber)

Best Tracking: Both equally competitive.

Best Customer Service: GetResponse. I have personally never had an issue with customer service. Their online chat allows you to get instant help with a live agent via chat.

Best User Interface: GetResponse. Easy navigation is the plus to their new look. The new website is very user friendly.

Best Price: Both are competitive

Best Code Modification:AWeber. Only because they have better freedom with modifying certain codes. (If you’re a beginner, don’t worry about this)

Best Integration: GetResponse. Many of the systems I personally use only integrate withGetResponse… so for me, it’s a no brainer.

Free Trial: GetResponse let’s you try before you buy. This is something AWeber currently lacks (It’s a $1 trail offer that leads to a membership)..

But like I said before, if you’re just starting out, then both really are great at what they do. But if you’re really anal with decision making, then I hope this post helps.