Heres Whats Inside The Toolbox

  • Valuable Online Courses
  • Autoresponders
  • Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Capture Pages
  • Adword Campaign Tools
  • Creative Software

Tools To Build Your Online Business

Valuable Online Courses

My father always says, “your education is something no one can ever take away from you”. This is so true especially in the ever changing world of cyberspace. The more you know about your industry and how to use technology to profit from it and provide value to others, the more of chance you have of experiencing massive success.

The recommended courses I list here are courses I know a lot about either because I wrote them from my own experience, invested in them at some point in my career, or they come from reputable partners who have gained much success from the information they share.

Purpose: To expand your knowledge about marketing and converting your leads to sales. Learn to make more money by learning how to DO IT.

Gain clarity and cutting edge strategies that will catapult you ahead of your competition
Learn from leaders who have mastered these techniques, saving you time and frustration from that costly learning curve
Develop your own approach to marketing by learning examples of what works and what doesn’t work
You will have knowledge as your primary asset! The more you know…the more you increase your net worth!


Purpose: Email Marketing. List Building

Communicate with thousands of prospects at once, with the click of a button
Generate leads while you sleep!
Say goodbye to manual labor and say hello to automation
This is the tool you need to build your list!


Purpose: Web hosting is the housing, serving, and maintaining files for Web sites on a dedicated server with direct access to the Internet.

You own the rights to all of your information
Your files are hosted and maintained on your own server
You have complete freedom with your information

Domain Names

Purpose: Used so people can find your website online. Domain names are word sequences users enter in their URL bar to visit your site.

You own your URL
Allows prospects to easily find you, or your link
The more memorable the name, the better chances of people finding you and increasing traffic

Capture Pages

Purpose: A specially designed website with the sole purpose of building your list of highly targeted leads. Capture pages are what most successful marketers use to generate their steady influx of highly qualified prospects.

Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced

Main purpose is to capture leads
Helps build your personal brand
Generates endless highly targeted leads for your business
Works in conjunction with your autoresponder

Adword Campaign Tools

Purpose: These tools aid in getting the most results with your Google, Yahoo, and MSN Pay Per Click Advertising.

Improve your quality score and pay less for cost per click
Get better search engine rankings and ad positioning
Pay much less per click than what your competitors are paying
Automate ad creation and save yourself massive ad creation hours!
Get better and more detailed tracking of your keywords

Creative Tools

Purpose: Automation and Speed. These gems are a huge help if you use them correctly. They speed up and automate the process in a lot of ways, and they should be used wisely and never abused.

Set it and Forget it! Let the software do the tedious jobs of manual marketing labor
Can be done while you sleep
Frees up your time to do the things you CAN’T automate…like live a great life!
Reach exponentially more people in a much shorter period of time


Outsourcing has literally changed the way I do business! Everyday, I discover new ways to free up my time by outsourcing all of my tasks to one of my outsourced staff. It’s really strange because in the beginning, I worried about all the work I needed to DO so that I can make a profit. Now my worries are figuring out what tasks to give my outsourced employees so I can go to the beach!

Contrary to others opinions, outsourcing is NOT expensive. For as little as $200 per month, you can find an outsourced employee working 20-40 hours a week. FINDING solid help can be a task (if you don’t know where to look), but finding 2-3 more people to take on your workload can dramatically change your profits! Spend your time getting creative instead of drowning in the meticulous daily tasks of business.

Purpose: Having an extra body doing your work is never a bad thing. Free up your time and get more done!

Benefits:Free up your time so you can do the things you love most

Get more done in way less time

Skill Level: If you can tell someone what to do and how to do it, then you’re set!

Price Point: One Time Jobs $15 +. Part time-Full time employee $200+/per month

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